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This is the informational website for American Historical Novelist Gloria Waldron Hukle. 

Gloria Waldron Hukle is the author of 5 Historical novels. 
Hukle is the author of Manhattan Seeds of the Big Apple, Threads An American Tapestry, The Diary of a Northern Moon Souls of the Soil and newly published Beneath the Elms

Souls of the Soil

Souls of the Soil

Reader Review for Hukle's SOULS OF THE SOIL, July 2018 Amazon

First and foremost, Hukle's books are remarkably well-researched. You simply cannot read one of her novels without learning something new. Her books have enlightened and reshaped my understanding of the history of New York and the USA. In Souls of the Soil, I especially enjoyed the alternating perspectives between present-day and historical New York. She conveys the realities, dangers, and challenges of early American living through relatable, believable characters and compelling storylines. If you like to learn real, solid history while you read an entertaining novel, then Hukle's books are for you!

Reader reviews- Souls of the Soil by Gloria Waldron Hukle

"Souls of the Soil" -"I totally lost myself in this lovely free weaving story."- Ruth Urdwary, Taborton, New York. .

About "Souls of the Soil" 

This is the fourth book for American Novelist Gloria Waldron Hukle.

Souls of the Soil is one tale within another; a contemporary novel that questions the meaning of reality converges with well-researched history, the whole body of the book inspired by an actual murder in Upstate New York in the year 1756 during the French and Indian War and the discovery of a local family cemetery plot centuries later.

The lives of two sets of fathers and sons, all four of whom share the same dna, crisscross between centuries in this last of the four book series that began with Hukle's first work, Manhattan Seeds of the Big Apple.

Souls of the Soil   ISBN 9 781614683544 can be purchased at various book sellers- Troy Market Block Books, Troy, New York, Book House of Stuyvesant Plaza, Albany, New York, Amazon & Barnes and Noble and via Heavenly Hollow Distribution.

All Hukle's book titles are also available for Kindle and Nook.


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Lindsay Phote with Author Gloria Waldron Hukle

"Souls of the Soil"

by Gloria Waldron Hukle

Pictured in image author Hukle with author Persis (Perky) Granger.


Hukle returns with the fourth novel in her very exciting adventure series centered on life in the Hudson River valley. In this complex saga, she spans the three centuries from colonial America to the present day by tracing the lives of both historical and current day characters within the same Albany NY locations. She has a knack for increasing the veracity of her fictional characters by offering connective real world genealogical and historical references. This is a particularly useful tool in this tale which spans most of American history.

I would strongly recommend that the reader not approach this story (Souls of the Soil) casually but rather with an intensity of purpose.  Souls of the Soil is best consumed in at most two companion sittings and not left to a longer span. This strategy is advisable in order to preserve within the readers mind the continuity of both the many characters as well as the varying venues during the novels frequent back and forth travel through time. This approach is quite doable since the book is less than 300 pages in length.
S.L. Perreault,  Ct.

Gloria Waldron Hukle's SOULS OF THE SOIL is a captivating novel that connects American history and two families across generations in a criss-crossing web. Along the way, it shares realities of colonial America, hardships, love, religion and spirituality in an intriguing, interconnecting story that was hard to put down. Ms. Waldron succeeded in drawing me into the lives of the characters and the times, culminating in a satisfying ending. Definitely a worthwhile read! Book Review by Author, Dawn Lajeunesse, Wilton, NY                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                           

About Gloria Waldron Hukle's American Waldron Series Novels, Manhattan Seeds of the Big Apple, Souls of the Soil, Threads An American Tapestry, The Diary of a Northern Moon.

Historical fiction has always been my favorite genre and I am thrilled to discover the work of this amazing author. Her meticulous recreation of the life and times in my part of the world almost four centuries ago is relayed with such passion and detail that I truly feel as if I were living in those times. I am grateful to the author for the gift of allowing me to understand the spirit of those who came before us. I am a fan and will certainly devour all of her future works.-Bob McGrath- New York


Threads an American tapistery

The American Waldron Series Historical Novels consist of four books. The first  of the series is Manhattan Seeds of the Big Apple the well researched l7th C. saga of the Waldron family as they settle on the corner of present day Wall Street and Broadway in New York City. In the year l654 Resolved Waldron is Moses to his young family as he leads them to this new world.  

Threads An American Tapestry is the story of the half Dutch, half Native American Margaret Vandenberg and her dramatic struggle to survive in the Hudson Valley region of New York during the year 1722.


The unique mix and growing independent character of these early New York Hudson Valley provincials, both European, African, and Native American,

Threads An American Tapestry. --is a reflective tale told with an infusion of relevant historical facts that enhance both the action and pacing of the plot.  Often in historical fiction, authors unintentionally lose their characters inside their story-like passages of exhaustive research, but Hukle has completely avoided this common pitfall, having rendered a strong piece of historical fiction for readers to be drawn into with her solid research, solid character renderings, and solid writing...The Us Review of Books.

n the opening scene of Threads An American Tapestry , central character, Margaret Vandenberg, carefully watches the departure of the provincial New York census takers carriage, fearful that he may have already made a dangerous discovery while interrogating her slaves. 

Margaret, a wealthy woman in her thirties, the sole daughter of a Native American and prosperous Dutch immigrant struggles with many issues as she prepares to marry. She vows that she will leave all in God's hands-but can she? 

This then, is the story of Margaret, her family, friends and servants, and a few in the Colony who dislike her, for reasons that haven't changed among humankind since time began.

Diary of a Northern Moon

The Diary of a Northern Moon by Gloria Waldron Hukle

In l976 a long kept secret prompts a young advertising executive to ask, Who really was Ben Waldrron? Set in the Adirondack Mountains of New York, Lake George, North Creek and  Albany, New York Tena Waldron's journey captivates the reader who yearns to know their families's past and how they fit into the family story. 

-Staring at the epitaph on the gravestone, Tena didn't get up.  An eerie feeling ran through her as she suddenly realized the date of Garret Waldron's death well over one hundred years ago was the same as today, July 3rd

The electronic book version of "Threads An American Tapestry" or"Manhattan Seeds of the Big Apple" as well as Souls of the Soil and The Diary of a Northern Moon is found at for Kindle or for "Nook"

Well researched and chock full of New York and Pennsylvania early eighteenth century colonial people, places and events woven together.

HE WAS BORN A COUNTRY BOY IN THE UPSTATE NEW YORK ADIRONDACK MOUNTAINS. A short forty-one years later, he was gone from the face of the earth.


In a quiet, northern community, Tena Waldron learns that nothing is as it seems ?not even the smell of the balsam.

MYSTERY * HISTORY * FORGIVENESS- these are the keywords in this 2nd Novel of the series by Gloria Waldron Hukle 

The Waldron saga introduced in MANHATTAN SEEDS OF THE BIG APPLE follows Resolved Waldron as he and his young wife make their home mid l7th century Manhattan on the corner of what is today Broadway and Wall Street. Decades roll into centuries and in The Diary of a Northern Moon it seems all connective links to these original settlers of New York State have rotted far beneath the paved city streets of Manhattan until a strangely unique gift wrapped in plain brown paper arrives at a young woman's apartment hundreds of miles from today's Big Apple.

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Manhattan Seeds of the Big Apple

A Historical Fiction by Gloria Waldron Hukle is the heartfelt story of one immigrating family?s journey to colonial America, and especially their spiritual struggle with the meaning of cultural diversity long before it became an important expression of our time 300 years later.

Before the English named it New York, and before the Dutch called it New Amsterdam, it was known as Mahikan to the Algonquin, one of the Native American nations that occupied the area. It meant, ?Island of the Rolling Hills.? After the colonists arrived, Mahikan became Manhattan.

In l655, lower Manhattan was a Dutch community of about 120 houses, its people protected by a fort and a log wall which served as a defense against Indian attacks. Today?s Wall Street traces the line of that planked divider.

Arriving from Holland on the ship Princess, Resolved Waldron, his wife Tennake, and their 3 children settled on New Amsterdam?s Block B at the tip of Manhattan Island.

Their immediate neighbors included Augustine Herrman, Pieter Schaefbanck, jailor, Hendrick Hendricksen, Domine (Clergy) Samuel Drisius, Dan Tourneur, Isaac de Forest, and Col. Phillip Pietersen Schuyler.

These early seeds sought personal liberties that ultimately lead to our Bill of Rights.

It is here at the crossing of Broadway and Wall Street and near present day ground zero where our story begins.........

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